Dani LoveStrong is a Christian love coach, writer, public speaker, educator, radio host & advocate of all things that revolve around the topic of healthy love. She has always been a loving spirit known for selflessly giving her God given gift of strong love to everyone around her.

Over the years Dani has taken a journey of self love & healing, where she unlearned & relearned what love is through painful lessons & finally discovering how to really forgive. She’s uncovered the secret to obtaining the kind of love she’s always given & rarely received.  One that’s genuine, pure, selfless & delicious.

Through her guidance many are applying lessons in commitment, love, acceptance, and forgiveness with themselves & with others.  She has successfully reintroduced people all over the world to the most powerful force & energy in existence… Love. 

Dani loveStrong wants to show you how to manifest and grow a healthy & satisfying love.  One that will engulf every area of your life.  Her goal is to strengthen our commitments to one another, eliminate low self esteem resulted from years of pain, disappointment, guilt, shame, blame, un-forgiveness and rejection & ultimately decrease in the rate of divorce while increasing in the number of happy lasting marriages.  She wants you to know for yourself what its like to have passion, joy & zest for life.

 Dani believes love is not in short supply but most people simply don’t know or understand what LOVE is. If you can’t define it you can’t identify it or obtain it because you don’t know what it looks like.  This is why she guides many through their uniquely personal journeys in a real, down to earth, straight forward, no nonsense kinda way.  The work belongs to each individual but now the  process of reuniting with love at its source which for many is way too scary to do alone has a loving  guide who’ll gently hold your hand and encourage you through the dark places & her name is Dani LoveStrong. 

“Love is a gift.  In order to receive the love we desire & deserve, one that’s genuine, pure & free from conditions we must re-define what love is. Once we learn to see love & live a LoveStrong life we can manifest more of that love & be a source of Strong love for others.” – Dani LoveStrong